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Influencers Empowered, Marketing Reborn

Robin8 is the intelligent marketplace that matches brands with influencers. 

We use machine learning to take out the guesswork and identify the best people for your campaign.

Robin8 helps you maximize your reach by intelligently analyzing and understanding which journalists and influencers will be the best fit for your campaign.


The Influencer Match Predictor

Robin8 uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to read the Internet, categorize them, locate their topics, summarize up the articles, and most importantly, profile the authors.

We know language is more than just keywords. Your writing style, tone, sentiment, value should be taken consideration.

Robin8 is the No.1 winner in ChinaAccelerator demo day

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We have read 839,948,928 articles and profiled 970,029 Influencers

How do we find revelant influencers?

Content Analyzing 

The first step in identifying relevant influencers is to categorize thousands of articles and online posts. Robin8’s AI engine categorizes and summarizes each one, just like a human being would. (If anyone had the time to analyze all that content every day!)

Influencer Profiles

Each influencer in Robin8’s database is profiled, with links to their social media accounts, articles, and media outlets

Machine Learning

Robin8 optimizes your influencer list based on every campaign result and real-time data. The more you use it, the better it gets.

Know You

We profile your company and your content – not just influencers. Robin8 recommends content based on your usage, so you can reach the influencers who can help your business grow。

THE Most Effective Advertising Platform is Here

Let the most relevant influencers give you insights,

Spread the message to the most relevant potential customers

Don't pay for useless shouting. Pay for precisely wording.

Everything is down to science and numbers. 

Our system offers so many alternatives that nobody can dominate marketing any more. It's the start of a fair market.

What's the key to solving the chaos in Marketing?

The most relevant influencers

Unlike broadcasting advertising, those influencers already know which channels and message will work on target, so you don't need a marketing team to research and follow up. You will lead the trend.

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#1 winner in Starcom Mediavest Demo Competition

#1 winner in Mobile Shanghai Monday

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